Advantages of LNG

LNG 600X SmallerLNG is Natural Gas Made Portable™, as it takes up much less space than natural gas. Six hundred cubic meters of natural gas turns into just one cubic meter of liquefied natural gas. This volume reduction is similar to reducing the volume of a beach ball to the volume of a ping-pong ball.


LNG provides the opportunity to economically transport and store natural gas. It is stored as a liquid until it is needed, at which point it is returned to its gaseous state.

Since the volume of LNG is 600 times smaller than natural gas, it is more efficiently transported over long distances. This takes place in specially designed trucks and ships. The real advantage is that LNG allows us to move natural gas from and to other areas around Australia. This expands and diversifies Australian natural gas supplies, which in turn increases supply reliability and economic growth.

LNG also allows for the use of “stranded” natural gas deposits that are too small to justify pipeline construction.  Conversion to LNG solves this problem.