LNG Applications


Industrial and commercial boilers are one of the most common uses for LNG in Australia.  The industries include dairy products, manaufacturing, food processing and construction products.

Road Transport with LNG    

LNG as an alternative fuel to diesel for road transportation has been in development in Australia since 2001.  Over 200 heavy duty vehicles are now in daily operation.

LNG is also a practical and cost effective way to reduce road transport emissions. Natural gas as a vehicle fuel has a long and established record in Europe, the UK, Canada, and in the USA. Many countries have natural gas vehicles today.  It is estimated that there are 4,000 plus LNG vehicles globally.

LNG powered vehicle technology has matured over the last 15 years. Technology improvements have all contributed to this. Engine manufacturers, such as Cummins and Caterpillar, have also assisted by providing engines for natural gas. LNG powered vehicles have range and refuelling times comparable to diesel.


LNG Fuelling Station


Power Generation

LNG is a suitable alternative to diesel for the remote power generation market. These remote power generating plants provide electricity for towns or mine sites and can vary in size from 1 MW to 50MW.

Replacing the current diesel fuel supply with LNG is a cost effective, safe and clean option.  Customers either replace existing diesel generators with gas generators or convert existing units to dual fuel. This typically occurs during expansion or with new projects, or by converting existing sets to dual fuel operation.


LNG Power Generation

Mining and Industrial

Mining and industrial markets have considerable potential employ LNG into their operations.

LNG is currently used in power generation, boilers, fluid bed dryers, rotary kilns and furnaces.

Large quantities of diesel are consumed by mining vehicles.  These vehicles are typically used only on a particular site with short repetitive routes.  This makes them ideal for refuelling at a one site location.



LNG for Mining and Industrial

Rail and Ships

Rail is also a potential LNG application. LNG to replace diesel for locomotives has increased substantially in the past few years and LNG powered locomotives are already in use in other countries.
Ships with short repetitive routes are also a viable LNG use.  Ferries are a prime example of this application.


LNG for ships